Synectify Media Kit

Crysalis is value-capturing waste energy to help renewable energy transition.  We help the world’s solar PV power grow by increasing the energy grid’s flexibility; and we do it by taking computing power to where the energy is, matching surplus energy to revenue-generating high-performance computing services supplied by modular, containerised data centres, for blockchain, machine learning, financial modelling, engineering simulation, scientific research, education, and predictive modelling. 

About our Logo

Think outside the tesseract...

Synectify's Logo is hypercube or 'tesseract' — a four-dimensional cube represented in three-dimensional space.  This particular interpretation of the tesseract is taken from Ludwig Wittgenstein's Zettel. While others may strive to think outside the box, at Synectify, we strive to think outside the tesseract!

Logo Usage Guidelines

Feel free to use the SVG versions of the Synectify Logo in this page.  Please respect the associated logo usage guidelines.  The isolated logo graphic should not be used unless the full logo is also included on the page.

Spacing around logo

Spacing on all four sides of the logo with logo type should be 10% of the logo width.  Spacing around all four sides of the isolated logo should be 30% of the logo width.

Minimum size of logo

The minimum size the logo should appear on a page is 52 mm / 2 in if the logotype is included, 14 mm / 0.55 in if the logo is used in isolation.